About Tom

Thomas M. Fischer

Financial Planner

Professional Experience
 I have been exclusively in the financial services industry as a financial planner/advisor for 27 years and have built a large investment and insurance practice with NYLife Securities and New York life for 13.5 years, before going independent in 2009. I was associated briefly with Lincoln Financial Advisors before joining the Nova Financial & Insurance Services organization. Currently my team does business as Arizona Financial Plan in association with Nova Financial & Insurance Services.

I do financial planning for motivated, successful people. Money and Capitalism has always fascinated me, which is why I have always wanted to be in this field. I enjoy helping others reach their financial goals and very much enjoy the relationships I build. Even as a schoolboy, I was the kid my friends gave their money to, to hold for them so they would not spend it.

In addition to my 27 years of experience as a financial planner I have a Finance and Business degree from Northern Arizona University where I served as Treasurer for Sigma Pi Fraternity.

Personal Information
I am a native of Arizona originally from Tucson. I am a proud husband to Sherri and Father to my two young sons Cole and Logan. Together as a family we love the outdoors and action related sports, including Mountain biking, snowboarding, golf, boating, camping, and motorcycles.