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 After 27 years working in income planning, wealth management and income and estate planning, for both pre and post retirees, Tom Fischer knows a thing or two about systemized processes that can lead to a successful retirement. His personal approach is unique and begins with acknowledging life’s “critical financial events.”

“Things happen,” Tom explains, “and part of my job is making certain I understand what makes people tick BEFORE those things happen.” Tom says he also makes sure clients understand he is focused on their lives, not just their assets. “Money management is an important piece of the puzzle,” he smiles, “but the bigger part of it is the financial planning. Clients need a guide.” Tom says by talking to people about their goals, whether they are buying a home, paying for college or retirement plans, critical life events need to be planned for.

Tom’s clients know his recommendations are objective ones and his mission has never changed: help people retire using rock solid ideas and provide exceptional customer service. He firmly believes his clients cannot afford to lose money anymore. “It comes down to this,” he says, ”based on someone’s life’s goals, how much can they really afford to lose, as opposed to how much do they really need to make.”

A native of Arizona,Tom is married with two young sons. He loves golf and enjoys action sports like mountain biking and snowboarding with his boys.

Legal Disclosure: Investment advisory services offered through NOVA® Financial, LLC dba Arizona Financial Plan, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Tom Fischer is registered in the states of AZ, CA .

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Our Team

Brittany ensures that our clients receive the best possible service. Brittany will handle many of the administrative needs associated with your accounts. Brittany will be the first person you call for questions on administrative type service such as withdrawals and other sensitive account information.

Leslie is the definition of customer service and handles most day-to-day administrative tasks, feel free to contact her for nearly anything administrative.