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Rollover...........Good IRA!! There are many reasons why you should rollover your old 401k's and other past employer retirement plans into an IRA when you have the chance. Here are just a few. 1. They may be charging you a high administration fee for not being an active employee anymore. These fees can ... Read More


> Over the 16 years I have been in practice, I have encountered many different situations, problems, and opportunities to help as a Scottsdale Financial Planner.  The opportunities to grow with my clientele, has to have been the most rewarding for me.  Working with people is what I do for a living and ... Read More


What Is This? Saving for the future cost of college tuition of our children, our own retirement, and purchasing a home are some of the biggest financial goals that we set for ourselves in our lifetimes. One of the biggest tools that parents have for saving for their children’s college education ... Read More


Many people who once thought that they could handle the stock markets swings are quickly finding that they are truly a risk adverse investor. Five of the ten largest single-day drops in the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 1899 have taken place in the past three years. Many financial planners ... Read More


What Is An Annuity And How Can It Fit Into Your Retirement Plan Having an annuity can balance out your retirement investment portfolio. This provides you with a constant stream of income. In most cases, you can have the safety of a continuous source of income regardless of what the stock ... Read More