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Rollover...........Good IRA!! There are many reasons why you should rollover your old 401k's and other past employer retirement plans into an IRA when you have the chance. Here are just a few. 1. They may be charging you a high administration fee for not being an active employee anymore. These fees can ... Read More


What Is This? Saving for the future cost of college tuition of our children, our own retirement, and purchasing a home are some of the biggest financial goals that we set for ourselves in our lifetimes. One of the biggest tools that parents have for saving for their children’s college education ... Read More


Today I had the opportunity to inverview a long time client of mine. Mark Timms is the owner of Cool Clubs Golf in North Scottsdale and is one of the premier club fitters in the USA. Mark fits clubs for many tour pros and 100's ... Read More


  The long term care that is needed for you or for a loved one late in life can be a very expensive proposition. Long term care insurance whether in home or in a nursing home can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars at the ... Read More


What Are The Differences Between A Traditional IRA And Roth IRA? There are many differences between a Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and a Roth IRA. Understanding the differences between the two types of retirement accounts can help you make the best decisions to maximize your retirement savings. There are many ... Read More


  The majority of my my blog posts are educational. I do my best to inform and empower you with knowledge. I have gotten a fair amount of feedback on my Financial Planner vs. Financial Advisor video. So I thought I might put my money were ... Read More


The department of labor is cracking down on 401k administration, the ... Read More


  Estate planning is a topic that is often overlooked and set aside by people to think about for another day. Thinking about the end of your life is never a fun topic, but having the proper estate planning documents such as a will, living trust, powers of attorney, and other ... Read More


If  you are  talking to your financial planner, make sure you ... Read More


Moody's whistle blower I have been saying this all along. How can the ratings agencies be paid by the companies they rate? Just makes no sense. It is like a magazine writing a review of a product one of their paid advertisers makes. You just know how the review will ... Read More